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Rael Kozinsky is the CEO of Natural Highs, one of SA’s biggest and most loved seed banks. Rael talks to SEED INC about the changing face of Cannabis and how Natural Highs began.

What is your background and what made you decide to first move into the cannabis space?
I am a proudly born and bred South African and for the last 20 years of my life, been involved in the flooring business. When Covid came around and completely disrupted all of our lives, I needed another avenue to pursue. Having always loved cannabis, and with it being semi- legalized in South Africa, I decided to open up a SeedBank to help other people like me grow their personal goods at home.

What is Natural Highs and what is its mission?
Natural Highs is an online seedbank which offers a lot more than just seeds in our original breeder packages. We have imported products from all around the world to offer to our South African market as well. Our goal is to be a household brand name when it comes to cannabis seeds and other products that come along with it.

What’s the most challenging experience Natural Highs have had in the cannabis industry so far?
Luckily so far we have not faced any major challenges, and we just hope to continue to have a smooth road further ahead.

Natural Highs already seems to have a big following. What are your thoughts on the future growth?
My aim is to be THE household name. To supply cannabis seeds for ‘Mr & Mrs Jones’ to grow cannabis for their own personal use at home. Yes, Natural Highs has growing extremely fast in the last six months and the thanks go out to all the followers and supporters. I would love to see Natural Highs Grow Shops in all the major cities in South Africa and eventually, one day, even have Natural Highs dispensaries.

What do you see the benefits of legalization being for the South African economy?
I think the government needs to hurry up and legalize cannabis 100%!!
The amounts of funding it can bring into this country are astounding. It can turn our country around and I would love to see profits from cannabis go towards great causes such as schooling and hospitals.

As the man behind Natural Highs, do you ‘practice what you preach’ as far as the use of Cannabis?
Yes I most definitely do use cannabis and have done so for 16 years + of my everyday life. I am still an extremely motivated person and it has definitely helped in my life, as it has for millions of others across the world.

What is next on the cards for Natural Highs?
Next on the cards will have to be continuing to find the world’s hottest strains, also introducing our gourmet edible Mushrooms kits & many more fresh gadgets in the near future.

In closing, as we call it at SEED INC, you are a Cannapreneur, and forging ahead with Natural Highs and the cannabis boom, what advice can you share with SEED INC readers on how they can achieve their goals?
All I can say is dream big and never give up. If you get knocked down get straight back up.
Life is not a dress rehearsal so if you mess it up, fix it, keep moving forward & most importantly Live life.