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The Cape Town Cannabis Expo, presented by JuicyFields kicked off this weekend.

I attended the opening day of the 2022 Cape Town Cannabis Expo and was hugely impressed. Since the 2019 version so much has changed in South Africa and the world generally, that it felt strange to be walking in relative freedom amongst other human beings. Much care is being taken to ensure people wear masks indoors, whilst being free to go maskless and sample an array of delights in the outdoor hospitality area. Visitors can sample full spectrum cannabis products in the dedicated smoke areas and enjoy the live music and entertainment on offer. The array of goods and services has grown exponentially, with plenty to keep all cannabis enthusiasts engaged. The variety of CBD products – Energy Drinks, Edibles, Medibles, Vapes, Tinctures, Beauty products etc is truly awesome. We have a cohort of very clever entrepreneurs in SA, and I can only hope the government starts to play ball soon.

What I am referring to is the patchwork quilt that currently constitutes the laws governing Cannabis in SA. Understanding it is like to trying to make sense of Brexit – the more you get into it, the more confusing it becomes. Hopefully soon we won’t have to regulate different parts of the plant in different ways by different government departments, but that is for another day. What we can say with certainty is that Cannabis is already big business in SA, but the industry is still in its infancy.

All aspects of the Cannabis are covered at the expo. There are seed companies from around the globe and the best providers of lights and ancillary grow equipment. The expo features devices that grow, monitor and feed your plants in real time through an app on your phone. SA now has a number of members clubs that will grow the plants for your personal use, or even as a form of investment with immediate returns. For those interested in hemp, some exhibitors are doing remarkable things turning hemp into bricks, clothing, biofuels and an array of carbon negative products. I guarantee if you take the time to speak to the stall holders and delve into the business of Cannabis that you will leave with a head full of ideas. Cannabis is changing South Africa in ways we cannot imagine yet, so if you are looking to get into the fastest growing business in the world, get to the Cape Town Cannabis expo!  

Credit: George Joubert